Behold what these two were up to on this day in 1990, at what Informative Caption calls “Stanley K. Sheinbaum’s 70th Birthday Celebration” (Stanley K. Sheinbaum was, per Wiki, a “human rights activist,” and at this point he’s a year away from becoming the head of the LA Board of Police Commissioners, where he would have to deal with what a gd mess the LAPD was/is.) I TOTALLY forgot these two dated, although they were together for years — 1984-1991 — and I think it was a bit of a tough run, as he had serious drug issues at this time, and she has said she felt responsible for keeping him together. She then dated JFK Jr. (does SJP have a thing for guys with a three-initial nickname such as herself??), which is a very good rebound. (And that’s a real time capsule of an article in the NYT, FYI.) She also looks absolutely timeless and normal here, while RDJ’s tie AND facial hair are surely among this regrets from this time period. Low down on the list, I imagine, but there.

(Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)