This is the best thing that could’ve happened to Dior after it went wide that Marion Cotillard no longer had ties to them. None of this matters in the regular world, but in the┬áchess match that is celebrity dressing, I think it’s a fairly surprising, big deal, and the worst Dior could’ve done was trot out ANOTHER one of those idiotic see-through gowns with the branding tape all over it. They needed a smash hit that says, “Don’t worry, we’re fine,” and this is it.

Cannes - 70th Anniversary Evening

That is gorgeously romantic, and I want to scream and shriek and snip snip snip in the direction of that silly black ribbon choker. If you want the saloon look, whatever. If you want the glam diamonds, fine. But you do not need both. Honestly, the insurance teams should be swarming the choker for stomping all over a bunch of expensive loaner jewels. I expect to see it arrested within the hour.

[Photos: Backgrid]