As I type, I don’t have a credit on this dress yet, though there are certainly plenty of items on Poshmark and Etsy and the like that bear the same phrase: “I Was Young. I Needed The Money.” It’s… not my favorite. Dascha Polanco is so gorgeous and this is just sort of a weird gimmick. Imagine it without the words. And look here:

E! Entertainment, ELLE and IMG kick-off party, Arrivals, New York Fashion Week, USA - 04 Sep 2019

I mean. THAT FACE. It’s a jewelry ad. She should be dripping in diamonds and gold and expensive watches, and other luxe things. And I love the velvet glove and the bracelets; they’re full of drama. She’s a walking nighttime soap. Scrap the black beading and the slogan and you go from showy to show-stopping.

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