Leaving aside the fact that I wish someone had told her that half of her sequins needed to be smoothed down, I really like this red frock. Does she look like she’s starring in a rebooted, modernized update of Tootsie that’s both a musical and does not have a man in the titular role — an idea that is, by the way, extremely terrible? Yes. But this also has an Easy Breezy Cocktail Waitress vibe that appeals to me; it’s cheesy, but in a fun, unselfconscious way. I just enjoy it.

In fact, I feel like Dakota’s styling for this whole press tour for Suspiria has been pretty good. Like the last time we saw Attico, it was this BONKERS EFFORT. But this next look is ALSO Attico, and it’s totally whimsical and pleasant:


I appreciate how everyone in the audience looks like they’re agreeing with me via applause. “YES. BRAVO. THIS DRESS IS GOOD. YOU HAVE PULLED IT OFF AGAIN, DAKOTA JOHNSON.”

[Photo: Todd Williamson/January Images/REX/Shutterstock]