The good news here is that the metallic stitching on Dakota’s custom Saint Laurent frock is intricate and beautiful. The arguably better news is, she’s not wearing a scarf-shirt. I sure thought she was; that appears for all the world as if she’s tied one around her neck, pulled it down, and taped it hopefully over her chest. But it does in fact appear to be a garment:

Embed from Getty Images

It’s… a vest, perhaps? With the bottoms of the bows lightly attached to it? Wait, maybe it IS a scarf shirt, and it’s just more built-out than I expected. Perhaps it’s trying to trick us. Perhaps it’s a snake of an idea wending its insidious way onto the red carpet, duping us into accepting it as a vest, and then suddenly in two years half of Hollywood will be wearing boob bow-ties — and none of them this pretty (and at least half of them will be transparent, because that is never going to die). I’m not saying that just chilled my heart to its core, but I might be putting down my laptop to go check a Magic 8-Ball once or thrice, or until it gives me an answer I can accept.