The Hollywood Reporter does a Power Stylist issue every year, and you might think, “Oh, 25 stylists, that about covers them all,” but of course it doesn’t — and while I know it’s fashionable to complain about snubs and whatnot, sincerely one glaring omission here is Thomas Christos Kikis, who works with Gabrielle Union. Maybe he doesn’t have a large enough client roster (I don’t know the answer), but even so, how their collaboration didn’t make it onto the list is BEYOND me. I MEAN. So much of that is brilliant. Bryon Javar, who works with Quinta Brunson, also didn’t make the list and that surprises me too. Even when her stuff doesn’t work, they’re interesting swings, and he’s had some big hits with her this year too.

Anyway, most of the other names you know made it, and a couple of them also landed on covers:

This is great — it looks rich, you know? It’s luxe and fabulous and you could imagine them in Monte Carlo playing baccarat on a boat, or something.

I do not love Anne’s frock, which feels like a celebration of periods; Erin’s red dress is way better. I might love it, actually. Let’s decide Anne really wanted Erin got to shine the brightest here. In some partnerships, I think you can see the stylist’s own personal style sneaking in — like Elizabeth Stewart and JULIA!!!, for example — and I think that’s been the case with some of Anne’s leggier outfits, maybe?

Three women who are all committed to the same hairstyling technique. Molly seems like a good egg — if maybe a little “Am I doing this right???” in this cover shot, which I get — but it is a little weird to take the styling out of the equation here when the point is to celebrate that. Still, I think she is legit tight with her clients. I almost would have leaned MORE into the hugginess.

YES INDEED. This is, by the by, a good example of how a shot that isn’t full-body still gets across that Fashion Art Was Happening.

[Photos: Donato Sardella/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images]