I really enjoyed Daisy Jones and the Six. The interview format was deployed beautifully — Taylor Jenkins Reid is so talented — and I’ve been wondering if the TV adaptation will be able to capture the same vibe as effectively. Plus, there are some books that are just better in your head, and it turns out I might prefer imagining the songs, because I don’t love what they’ve released so far and it’s a bummer. Still! I will greet it with open arms. (I also always thought the original cover resembled Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, who started out as an actress, and I’m sad this didn’t exist about ten years ago so that she might have played Daisy because she totally has the vibe.)(Riley Keough also seems like good casting. Maybe it’s because her name sounds like “Rilo Kiley.” MAYBE IT’S JUST THAT COSMIC.)

[Photos: Lisa O’Connor, Matt Baron/Shutterstock]