I gotta say, I feel for her stylist. There is no primer for What To Wear For a Press Tour When the Author of the Bestselling Book You’ve Adapted Is Wanted For Questioning About a Murder And Has Been Just Totally Avoiding It For Years. (It is also not getting great reviews, although it did pretty well at the box office this weekend.) You have to just keep calm and — apt as this is in London — carry on with your original plans. Luckily on the fashion front, the plans for this event were very successful. She has been wearing a lot of looks that recall vines or swamp moss, which is apropos for a film about a Tender Swamp Girl (or whatever) but — as Tyra would say — has also made it fashion. This is VERY cool and intricate and arty, without getting overly wacky. Clap clap!

(Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)