I almost typed, “in Dior, duh.” In Duh-ior? Ugh, no, that’s terrible, let’s pretend I never typed it. ANYWAY. It’s not terrible, but it does feel sort of bridal:

Enjoyably, voluminously, bridal, though — the kind of dress that must be satisfying to wear when you sweep into an event high on the news that you somehow (admittedly on the strength of what is apparently a stellar performance) sort of snuck yourself into the Best Actress race. Additionally: can we talk about how AWKWARD and almost MEAN it is, to have a totally other awards show on the day that Oscar nominations are announced? The snubbed have to show up and put on a brave face, in front of those who caused their very snub. It also seems dumb to me to have an awards show scheduled on the night when everyone there is just going to want to talk about a whole OTHER awards show. I don’t know, Critics’ Choice. I have notes.

But I guess not so much about the dress. Please take over for me there.

[Photo; Fame/Flynet]