How do I love thee, Cate? Let me count the ways:

First of all, that lipstick. I spent like three years looking for an orange lipstick that worked on my face and I still feel like I’m not quite there. (This search was prompted by the time J Crew had a great orange on all their models; I actually bought THAT orange and it’s almost right, but not quite. Sigh. These are real problems over which to be losing sleep, obviously. I’m totally falling down a Sephora wormhole later today. I can just feel it.) This lipstick is great on her.

Second, I think what works about Cate Blanchett, like, ALWAYS, is that she is cool about whatever she happens to be wearing. Is she wearing a BATSHIT CRAZY dress that looks like a quilt? She’s cool. Her entire archive is basically her looking cool in something slightly nuts. But this look doesn’t even need her carte blanchett. It’s just delightfully simple, classic, a smidge retro. Basically anyone would look good in this dress. There is something so RELAXING about that.

Finally: that clutch is great. No bells, no whistles, just square shiny goodness.