Cobie’s new show, Stumptown, is being pushed hard by ABC. It’s based on a graphic novel, and she plays a kind of gritty renegade cop, I think — you know, Doesn’t Play By The Rules, probably has a messy personal life, etc. But she fights on the side of right, and so maybe that’s the spirit behind this very glammed-up premiere minidress that’s got Wonder Woman superheroic vibes and yet plays like a GFY bingo card in motion: “It’s a hair too tight.” “Needs a hoik.” “I appreciate the shoe attempt, but…” “Needs a bracelet/necklace.” “Her makeup is daytime; her dress is a nighttime soap.” And to crown it, the cape-like curtain sleeve situation is generally creating the urge in me to make every bad pun I can think of: “Stumptown? More like Stumped-town.” “Wonder Woman? More like Blunder Woman.” “It’s Stumpt-ouch.”

I assume most of you have BINGO by now, and I can stop torturing you with poor wordplay.

[Photo: Shutterstock]