Because why NOT plonk the other two Power Couples of Country into the same post? Let’s start with Trisha and Garth:

I ALWAYS forget these two are married, for some reason, and then am delighted anew when I remember. They appear to be entering that phase of a relationship where you start inadvertently dressing alike. I cannot wait until the new country music awards program (I assume set to air on Friday?) where Trisha will accidentally wear Garth’s hat. I just wish she were wearing some bling. You KNOW Trisha Yearwood has got some bling stuck in a drawer SOMEWHERE. Bring it out!

Next up, both Faith and Tim look slightly like they are their own wax figurines in this picture, for some reason:

But they’re GLAM AS HELL wax figurines, which — as we know from our study of them – is actually quite a feat. This Naeem Khan is fabulous, I think, and I would have bet money we’d see it on Anne Hathaway first, but I am happy to see Faith get to take it for a spin. It’s so festive! It makes me want to go over to the Hill/McGraw house and get them real drunk on mulled cider and then ask probing questions about what it was really like to work with GOOP and just how much rage Faith Hill felt about Country Strong, in general.

[Photos: Splash]