I don’t know how to feel about this dress.

I mean… there’s no there there. It fits. It covers her privates. It isn’t doing strange things to her boobs, o rher waist, or her armpits. But… what is it doing, exactly? It’s a blank, a canvas waiting for paint. Put her in flip flops and and a ponytail and sunglasses, and I’d believe that she’s on the way to the beach in Tahiti. It manages to be both a bold statement and no statement at all. Maybe that’s why she looks like she stuck her head out the window of the limo — she figured, “Well, the glaring white gown will be blinding everyone so I’d better get rock-and-roll with my head.”

Or maybe Tim McGraw’s face LITERALLY blows her away.

Faith changed into an opposite outfit for her performance:

Can’t tell if that’s her lapels, or a bra, or both, but I AM a tad nervous that those pants are crushing her lungs.

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