This was a tough one for me. I started out as a Well Played — in fact, I thought this was Ellen Pompeo at first, and I was like, “DAMN, Ellen Pompeo has never looked this good!”

But it’s not Ellen — it’s Jennifer Nettles, of Sugarland. I KNOW. Tough to tell. Anyway, the color is lovely on her, there’s an elegance there… a reader emailed us to laud this by saying it’s a really hard dress to pull off, and I think that’s true. Especially when I saw it from a different angle, which is when my opinion changed:

Most of us — okay, maybe just me, I don’t know — spend a lot of time stressing about our butts, and our hips, and whether things are wide or droopy or saggy or floppy. Because it’s human nature to care even if we don’t let it get us down. So the idea that any designer would make a dress that rolls all those things into one… yes, it’s clear that it’s the dress and not Jennifer’s figure, but at what cost? It’s not like the line of the gown is so alluring that it’s worth the visual allusion to saddlebags. Especially when the slit comes in and bisects them. I don’t know. Am I just being too hard on it? I just think it might be the fancypants equivalent of Mom jeans: lumpy, unfortunate, easily avoided.

Am I crazy?

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  • I see your point, but it sort of works for me. (40%, 2,865 Votes)
  • Yes. THIS IS GLORIOUS. (8%, 537 Votes)

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