Back in the day when Heather and I used to cover Fashion Week, we got to be each other’s in-person Valentine. Her husband is a keeper and would often send snacks rather than flowers, which meant that I ALSO got snacks (thank you, Kevin); I once got a gorgeous bouquet from the man I was dating who then ghosted me as soon as I got back to town. ┬áCertain designers would lean in and put candies on everyone’s seat, which was always thoughtful and appreciated. But for me, no matter what, it always felt festive: Fashion shows feel special even if you’re shoved in the back of standing room and are going to have to figure out a way to write an article about them on your phone sitting on the floor of the Pret-a-Manger at Penn Station (because you’re using the outlet). Even if it didn’t fall directly on Valentine’s Day, Oscar de la Renta always felt the biggest Valentine of all, because it was always soothing and luxe and beautiful (and had the loveliest PR people, and when we first started going, Mr. de la Renta was still at the helm and he was such a gentleman). That’s quite a legacy to uphold; I think┬áLaura Kim and Fernando Garcia are doing well. Let’s look!