Did Claire sign a weird contract whereby she’d only promote The Girl Something-Something Spider Web in character? This seems to have been a slightly more joyless professional romp than her various appearances for The Crown, no? It’s not that she’s never smiling, but it does seem like she strikes a tough-woman pose for a lot of them, and then of course there was the Vogue debacle. I also think some of the fashion choices have gone in a bizarre direction; if the movie isn’t great, then distract us all with something DAZZLING, and not weird pleather-y pants that unzip straight to your undercarriage and stop at your ankles. And the sneakers bring NOTHING useful to this party. It’s like showing up to a potluck and being like, “Yo, I brought a banana clip! Where do you want it? Dessert table?”

[Photo: WENN]
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