Camila has definitely gone Modern Cinderella at these two premieres, first with the black poofy skirt and tall boots, and now with this lemon meringue pie of a Siriano. It’s a light scrolldown for me. Well, part of me thinks the top looks like a sawn-off undershirt, but mostly I think she’s pulling off all of that really well, and that the big ding for me is the color of the skirt. I don’t think the canary color pops enough, at least not under the camera flashes. That yellow feels a little too muted, and you’d think the skirt’s volume would be enough to compensate, but for me it doesn’t quite do it. Perhaps it’s because that’s almost TOO close to being petticoat-colored?

But that’s okay, because we aren’t going to talk about Cinderella that much once we get to her real-life Prince Charming:

I know that is Shawn Mendes, but the outfit says, “Hi, I’m Kevin, the guy in the sophomore class who convinced the dance committee to let me perform my magic act at the Spring Fling. I’m the David Silver of illusionists, and well, you are so precious to me. I’d love to make your virginity disappear.”

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