This reminds me of Prince’s curious black-and-white outfit from the Ocean’s Twelve premiere, in the sense that it seems to involve two coats mashed together. Prince’s was meticulous, though, and this one just seems like maybe someone made it because they learned to sew in kindergarten and figured it couldn’t be THAT much harder than running a thick piece of twine around the outside of a hole-punched square. Prince would have approved of the matching beret, though. He probably would have blessed this whole look, because in my mind, Prince was a lover, not a fighter. He lived inside his own heart, for crying out loud. He probably would have told her to slide down a rainbow. Whereas I want to say, “Cher, if I could turn back time, if I could find a way, I’d unplug the sewing machine that hurt you, and you’d slay.” I suppose both are valid.

[Photo: Shutterstock]
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