The thing is, she actually looks fine. Maybe even great.

And I think it’s great that Victoria Beckham has carved a space for herself as a savvy and gifted businesswoman, and I will always remember what a great impression I got of her when she did those tiny salon-style fashion shows and narrated the entire thing. But I’m jonesing for a makeover. A poshover. A becksover. Let’s bob the hair again, maybe — angular and cool — or change up the eye makeup so it’s not always exactly the same heavy eye with brown shadows and dark liner and nude lips. Let’s throw in some color. Let’s, for kicks, stand with the other side of the face exposed to the lenses. (Even in her 73 Questions video for Vogue ages ago, she tried to be filmed only from this angle whenever possible.) In short, while this is perfectly fine for a night at which she is representing herself as a businesswoman first and other things second and Posh Spice distantly last, I’m ready for her to shake it up aesthetically. What would you do with her? Hint: Imagine that you are Tyra Banks and she is a Top Model contestant, and then do the opposite.

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