Sometimes I think Pharrell brings Kanye more joy than his own spouse does.

And on that, Kanye and I are in agreement.

Pharrell, in fact, won a Fashion Icon Award for his personal style having an effect on the world, which, frankly, unless we’re talking millinery, I don’t know if that’s strictly true as I don’t know anyone who dresses quite the way he does. In fact, I don’t know how Pharrell manages to wear that oddball collection of things to a formal event and not get laughed off the stage, but it’s possible that being the master behind “Happy” gives him a pass to do ANYTHING because basically anytime I see him that song runs through my head and I’m smiling and then suddenly it’s like, ” Whatever, Pharrell, take all these trophies and win everything forever.” It’s MIND CONTROL, is what it is, but I’m okay with it because it’s great on the treadmill.

Here is the back of Pharrell’s coat, by the way:


I thought it was made of green cheese? WAIT. That’s the moon. So Holy Fire must be correct here.

Also his ass has an adidas-flavored pot leaf on it. Or is it a pot-flavored adidas logo? Or none of the above? All I know is, while Pharrell doesn’t influence my personal style, I’m pretty sure Gwen Stefani might be taking notes.

[Photos: Getty]