So, as we know, last season on The Real Housewives of New York, Kelly here was TOTALLY CRACKED OUT to the point that people were wondering about her mental health in an ACTUAL way, and not in an off-hand “bitch crazy” way. Although her wackitude did lead to this, which was my Facebook profile picture for a while, and still makes me laugh:

I mean, who HASN’T made that face on occasion? Especially when confronted with Real Housewives.

ANYWAY, this season, Kelly is surprisingly really likeable all of a sudden. I feel like she’s the only one of the ladies who is reacting to anything like a normal person anymore, and she’s also one of the few who seems to be able to take a vacation without turning into complete spoiled pain in the butt  — I mean, I thought Sonja and Ramona were going to cause an international incident in Morocco. (PS: Morocco: WE’RE SORRY.)

That being said, I’m relieved to note that she hasn’t gone totally sane: