Heather and I were talking about this yesterday, and she said, “I don’ t know how to feel.” And I was like, “tell me about it”:

I feel jealous, because I can never find cigarette pants that fit me that well. (Not the fault of the World’s Pants Supply, I fear, as much as this is the fault of my legs.) I’m perplexed, because I feel like this might have worked beautifully with a different shirt. I’m thirsty, because I want to ask her to bring me a Sloe Gin Fizz from the hotel bar at which she works. I’m pleased, because I really like Kiki and I’m glad she’s back out on the scene. I’m jealous again because I like her nail polish and I can’t have a manicure without soon looking as though I stuck my fingers through a fax machine. In short:

Just tell me how to feel:

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