Here’s the backstory, if you didn’t know it: Phoebe Philo was at Celine for ten years, and her work was much beloved by rich ladies in the market for chic, non-flashy French-feeling rich person clothing to wear to work and elsewhere you might want to look chic and also competent. (A group in which I would include myself, except for the part where I could not afford it! But EMOTIONALLY, I was right there.) She stepped down, and Hedi Slimane took over and his runway show previous to this, his debut, was a shitshow — VERY off-brand for the line, but SUPER on-brand for him, AKA flashy and short (FWIW, I also hated what he did at Saint Laurent). HOWEVER. Apparently, Slimane can take a note — probably not from the press, but possibly from his bosses (and also, I suspect, he might have been scared by the fact the Calvin Klein canned Raf Simons after Simons did to CK what Slimane was in the middle of doing to Celine). ┬áBecause this feels WAY more on-brand — Vogue, in fact, argues that it’s a major throwback to the very, very beginning of the brand. Regardless: Now I wish I had the money for Celine again, so congrats! Looking bored in jeans and a cape and aviator glasses is my JAM.