On the left, we have Cate in 2014 at the Golden Globes, and on the right we have her at Cannes this year, kicking things off as the jury president. She chose to recycle this Armani as a statement on responsible consumerism, and I think it’s significant that she did this a) with a dress she HERSELF had already worn, rather than just something from the archives that had been collecting dust; b) a gown she wore to a major occasion at which she WON the Golden Globe (for Blue Jasmine), so it’s not like this was something people might have missed from a night where she was an afterthought; and c) at Cannes, already a major stage, in a year when she’s basically running the show. That’s all extremely unusual and cool of her.

But more importantly, does this mean we can spend the next few weeks living in Cate Blanchett’s Greatest Hits, or at least, the hits as she perceives them?!? Which outfits would YOU want to see again, and which are you afraid she thought were so nice she’ll slip into them twice?

Behold Cate, and the other women who will be making the jury a sartorially interesting place to be.

[Photos: WENN, Getty, Rex/Shutterstock, InstarImages.com]