Two things: If we are to believe that this guy is in high school, then this show is doing a real Steve Sanders job of casting; and if he’s NOT in high school, then suddenly it’s an ABC Family joint up in here.

Yet another still from the set that fails at the ’80s aesthetic. Not that I really knew what boys his age — whatever his alleged age is — were wearing in the ’80s, because I was still in love with Stefan Edberg and he only wore tennis whites. But Googling “Brad Pitt 80s” teaches me that he should be wearing this, and the Internet would never lie. As for Carrie, the shoes are again quite cute, and the print and the fact of a bow seem decade-appropriate, but not deployed quite this way. Also, is there going to be a scene where Dadshaw wonders if Carrie has sustained a head injury? Just curious.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]