Someone sent me a blind item from Deuxmoi that said Anna Wintour has been furious about the collections, and perceives them as poor this season. I wonder if that’s trickling into the coverage. This is the second Vogue review I’ve read with a hint of acid in it — so often, they are either raves, or artful non-opinions, but this one complained of over-embellishments, dinged shiny gingham as too flashy, and then noted dryly, “[T]he moment for logos seems well behind us.” It’s not savage, but it’s a pretty clear finger-wag (if also an inconsistent one — yes, I don’t know why the House of CH would care about logos now, but certainly everyone else is still leaning into them). I liked a lot of the prints, but they’re not entirely wrong about a few things; for me the first half and the last chunk were the strongest parts. I’m curious what your take is.

[Photos: Imaxtree]