I’d say about… 75 percent of what Rosario Dawson wears makes me think, “Eh, not my favorite.” Here’s another lukewarm pool to jump into:

It’s… fine. Not that flattering to her chest; I think it might have looked better if the black detail want all the way down and didn’t stop halfway down, which asks the eye to go STRAIGHT to her underboob area. But then maybe the top would’ve been too unbalanced, so maybe the whole thing needed to be black-on-white. I’m not UPSET with it, though. I just don’t know if we are ever going to be close friends.

Her Sportmax ensemble is a lot more lively:

The runway version had a black and white belt, which gave a little shape to it and mitigated the flare of the peplum. Without it, the thing hands a bit with no shape. But on Rosario, I’m divided on whether that would have helped; this is a little widening on her without anything there, but the answer to that is not ALWAYS to slap something big and thick right there ostensibly to cinch things. That can backfire. Like, my body is not built for that style at all — I look dumpy without it and huge with it — so I have to try and avoid it entirely, which is a real bummer.  But the splashy pattern is really perfect for Cannes, and I LOVE the checked shoes… I just can’t decide if this works enough, or HOW, indeed, she could’ve solved its midsection issues. I leave both outfits in your capable hands, Fug Nation.

[Photos: Getty]