This picture is not the best, but here’s the problem I ran into: All the ones of her facing the camera, or at least all the ones we have, expose half her right nipple. The bodice had slid to the side a little. And I know Elle is 18 now and technically legal, but… she still feels 14 to me, and it just made me really uncomfortable. But I thought it’d be hard to evaluate the dress if I censored it somehow by sticking a big ol’ thing over her boob, so this is the view you’re getting instead.

It does, at least, show off the intricacies of the skirt. I actually think the dress is fairly pretty, if also something for a Khaleesi to wear during some kind of dragon-birthing ritual. For Elle, I really wish they’d found a way to change up the bodice; you can call me a pearl-clutching grandma if you want, and that’s probably true, but I’m just not quite ready yet for all that sideboob from her. The whole bodice feels like a mature brand of boho-slouch — like we should be seeing it on Kate Hudson or Gwyneth instead. Which is conflicting me, because Elle DOES have the youthful whimsy to pull off the skirt. I don’t know. What do you think? Talk to me, Goose. (Geese? Do I have to pluralize my Top Gun references just because you are many entities? These are the struggles of a blogger with old pop culture touchstones.)

[Photo: Getty]