This version of Cabaret originated a while ago on the West End, and Eddie Redmayne won an Olivier for it. By all accounts he’s very good — kinetic and sinister — and that’s impressive indeed given that he seems SO affable in real life. I am not a huge fan of his screen presence, but I’ve seen him as himself on Graham Norton’s show, and he’s a lot of fun, doesn’t take himself seriously, and has a nice openness about him. All of which is to say that while his last name always gives me my favorite typo, “Eddie Redmaybe,” I am warming up. But I still feel very redmaybe about his outfit up there, which transmits as random scribbles in the vague shape of… a dog? … and what looks like whiskers on his thigh is actually a whole passel of unfinished threads. That part is always a risk; I think it’s hard to execute stylishly, and indeed, here that skill has escaped whoever designed it.

He popped on something else at this event as well:

That is a Ben Platt-level of pants shenanigans. I’m also going to pass on the fish course. This whole meal was middling and my Yelp review will reflect that. Just… check, please.

[Photo: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images]