The Greatest Movie Of Our Time opened wide on this date in 2011, mystifying the world as to why it was a big-screen film and not a Lifetime TV movie — a reaction I also apparently had the first time around, when I fugged the hell out of the fromage. Country Strong is so bad, and you should watch it immediately. It’s almost amazing that it’s real. I remember thinking, “Gwyneth is trying SO hard that I think she secretly cannot believe her career has come to this already.” And indeed, in retrospect things were never the same. She did have Soderbergh’s Contagion right afterward, but the timing suggests it was shot before Country Strong was released, and the only reason I recall that movie at all right now is because of the current pandemic. Then in 2012 she did a flick called Thanks For Sharing about sex addicts that nobody remembers, and then her last film role — because I don’t count her brief and often meaningless recurrences in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — her last film role came in 2014 in… wait for it… Mortdecai. And that’s it. Did Country Strong kill her movie career? Was Gwyneth the bird, and Country Strong was the box?!?

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