Well, thank goodness it’s not sheer, AT LAST. Was there an intervention?

But this dress is not happening on her. The bodice, as with a lot of Westwood gowns, is nice and well-formed and hugging her shape really nicely. I hate that it extends into a pseudo-peplum with pockets, and it’s a little weird that the back part is solid pink like the top. However, the overall note for me is that, whatever this dress is doing and however I feel about it, Ellie Goulding isn’t really a Glinda the Good Witch type. She looks less like a girl enjoying a princess moment, and more like she thought this was a party whose theme was The Oz Prom and is now kind of underwhelmed that the jackwagon who told her that is not here to answer for that prank. And not for nothing, between this and the Elle Style Awards, I am concerned that she has stopped tending properly to her hair. TEND IT. TEND IT LIKE A LUSH GARDEN.

At the afterparty she went in a different direction:

She’s wearing a belly chain UNDER her illusion netting, which is weird because it makes you realize how hard everybody thought about the acreage of skin that would be showing and what to do with it. And then we see her black underwear, too, or some kind of modesty harness, and I’m glad she’s wearing it, but it’s also terribly problematic, and IF YOU ARE THAT COMMITTED TO WEARING SOMETHING THAT MAKES UNDERPANTS THE ENEMY THEN MAYBE PLEASE RETHINK YOUR LIFE. Hygiene is your ally, not the terrible younger neighbor you’re being forced to take to the bowling alley because your parents are friends.

[Photos: WENN]