In an amazing confluence with the news cycle, the Hammer Museum’s annual gala was called “Radical Women,” and it happened the day Harvey Weinstein was expelled from the Academy — and a number of celebrities in attendance commented on it. Oh, to have been a fly on the WhatsApp feeds of some of these people. I mean, look how direct Selma Blair was when she was on the record:

“F— Harvey Weinstein,” said Selma Blair. “F— him. Good for him that he’s out of the Academy. [But] no one took it away from Woody Allen.”

Or Roman Polanski. Basically, I think Hollywood has a lot of work to do. My concern is the establishment will pat itself on the back, hope privately that this was enough, and act like cutting out this one tumor will cure the entire cancer. Here’s hoping the radical women and men among them, and among us all, won’t let that happen.

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