I am starting to feel like the producers are just gonna be obstinate about obvious issues forever and the strike is never going to end, and no TV or movies (except the stuff on waivers) will be made beginning in January, which is disastrous for like… so many many many people. Extras. Actors scrambling to make rent, who thrive on guest roles, who are on the verge of giving up. Drivers. Make-up artists. Hair gurus. Costume designers. Grips. Cinematographers. Editors. Caterers. Event spaces. Valet parkers. Production assistants. Interns. Part of the reason I’m putting this out there is that I’m hoping it will become immediately obsolete because they’ll make a deal. Like, I’m actually trying to jinx myself. Cross your fingers. In the meantime, thank you, Billy Porter, for wearing a suit that looks like a beautiful rich party, and a necklace befitting Desperately Seeking Susan 2, should they ever want to explore what other enormous accessories Madonna might have on her person. It may not HELP, but… also, it helps.

[Photo: John Lamparski/Getty Images]