The award for The Artist Who Is The Most Certain That She Is Fascinating goes to this Dencia person. Her Wikipedia page says she has been called a cross between Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj…

… and I’m pretty sure that is only according to her.

Actually, her Wikipedia is quite curious. There are three different warnings at the top disputing the neutrality of the entry, which details how this Cameroon-born musician-type person has pioneered the use of a product called Whitelicious to change the color of skin — and that in turn has led to some back-and-forth with the likes of Lupita Nyong’o over a reference Lupita made in a speech. In short, Dencia seems like quite the controversial figure for a LOT of reasons, and I will be curious to hear what Fug Nation makes of all this. But when someone walks the red carpet in an outfit that looks like an anatomy textbook as written by Willy Wonka — which is not a compliment — well, it’s my job to inform y’all about it. Besides, Kathie Lee Gifford will be ENRAGED that someone stole her Sunday best, so that’s a feud we can anticipate too.

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