“What up, foxes. It’s me. The Leaning Tower of Bieber. Want to scale me? Like my body is your Amazing Race and Phil is hiding in my hair and the first one to the mat gets a jet ski and a lawn gnome, or some shit? Oops, sorry, Mom. She asked me not to swear. She also asked me to stop tucking my big-boy pants into my kicks, but I’m all, ‘MOOOOM, only OLD PEOPLE wear pants that go all the way down,’ and she was all, ‘YOUR pants will go all the way down if you don’t tie them to your underwear,’ and I was all, ‘Peace out, Mommy, that’s why I have a pocket chain, it hooks to my tighties,’ and she was all, ‘You smell like Drakkar Noir,’ and I was like, ‘MOM I’M A RAPPER NOW LEAVE ME ALOOOONE,’ and so she texted Selena and told her to stay home. So I’m PROWLIN’, HONEY BABIES. You feel me? Come feel me. I got room for two in this hoodie.”

[Photo: Getty]