So, look… LMFAO is just messing with us, right?

Because they SEEM like a social experiment. Like they woke up one day and were like, “Yeah, okay, we have a Motown family heritage, but let’s see how much cash we can make if we dress like assclowns who run a souvenir shop in Hollywood located on some kind of a sonic Hellmouth and then shout about being drunk and partying,” and it worked, and so then they stepped it up by gyrating with a bunch of inflatable zoo animals and then wearing a fearsome crotch maw while thrusting alongside a pink teddy, and people still went nuts for it, so they go home every night and wipe their tears of mirth with Benjamins and plot what will happen in Act III. Part of me is curious; the rest of me is afraid it will involve adult diapers and rigging their armpits to dispense beer.

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