In the wake of Amber Heard’s embrace of the high-fashion swim cap, I wish Tessa Thompson had gone ALL THE WAY and worn this with the floral headdress that came down the runway. Alas! My feelings about this are in opposition to each other, because I cannot truthfully say I like this dress. Y’all know I hate those weirdo hems — when they’re shorter I think of them as prairie hems because they’re so Half-Pint to me, but huge like this, she’s just basically floating on a parade float made of bedding.

Having said that… doesn’t she also look awesome? The color would make me look like a vomit comet, but she just looks regal and powerful, especially with her perfect lipstick and sleek hair.

Creed II European Premiere

It’s no small feat to pull off a jarring hue like that. Maybe her close friendship/theorized personal relationship (which Tessa denied) with Janelle Monae means she’s caught some of the J’anelle sais quoi. Do we have to start calling her Yessa Thompson? … No, because that’s really hacky, but you feel me. You smell what I, like the Rock before me, am cooking.

[Photos: WENN]