Not to be outdone by Beyonce, Taylor Swift popped by her old stomping grounds to hand Entertainer of the Year to Garth Brooks, and she ALSO brought with her a raging case of The Sheers:

Taylor Swift

She looks like a high-fashion zebra. It’s Safari Pizza. And it’s EXTREMELY J.Lo of her, to the point where I’m surprised every time I get to her head and her hair isn’t slicked back, and that she isn’t glaring at me like she’s plotting which of her teeth to pick with my very essence.

Tay IS clutching that envelope extremely strategically, though. Unfortunately for her, she did have to OPEN it, and that required lifting:

It’s not that surprising — it’s a labially focused slit and a very short slip — but I can certainly understand why she tried to crotchblock herself. In the end, I actually MIGHT have gelled back the hair (especially the bangs, which aren’t cooperating) and gone full Lopez. If you’re going to go 92 percent of the way there, why not just lean in a little further?

[Photos: Getty]