I love Betty Gilpin. She is so good on GLOW. She’s a great writer. She once told whoever was interviewing her at the SAGs that she always looks like “an evil rich heiress whose life is crashing down tomorrow” AND “a sleepy, mad chameleon” on red carpets, due to not knowing what to do with her face. FWIW, I think she looks like NEITHER of those things here, but I will love her forever for that line. Here, I think she looks like a peppy girl reporter on her first day on the job in the 70s,  who is going to end up falling in love with a man with an aggressive mustache, and who might get her heels caught in a subway grate. I’m not sure that I love this outfit, but I sure would watch that movie.

[Photo: Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/INSTARimages.com]