The cape is barely cold from Robert Pattinson inhabiting it, and already Kim Kardashian is the new Batman. Her Batcave is in Calabasas, her Batmobile is chauffeured, her butler is her brother Rob, and the Bat signal is just the flash of a paparazzo’s camera. Click your shutter at the sky and she’ll be there, maybe with her sidekick… Pete Davidson? Yes, obviously we’re going to use this post as an excuse to discuss those rumors. People said the hand-holding in California and the potential reconnections in New York are all lighthearted fun, quoting someone’s tepid compliment that Pete “can be super charming” and that Kim “likes the attention.” The Post went with a more carefully unenthused report that she “is at least interested.” Between Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Phoebe Dynevor, and now maybe Kim Kardashian, The Legend of Pete Davidson has, somewhat unbelievably, grown so large that I think it has its own health insurance and 401k.

[Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock]