We saw the front row, and now here are the clothes from Balenciaga, which enlisted Christine Quinn, Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, and Naomi Campbell for its catwalk. The photos here are not from the show itself; for that, you can go to Balenciaga’s Instagram (which is also embedded below), and I highly recommend it because most of the celebs and even some of the professionals walk like their feet HATE the shoes.


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Christine Quinn comes in at 9:50, and is… fine. Dua Lipa stumbles in at 11:33, but at least gives good face. As does Bella Hadid; honestly, this made me appreciate Bella a bit more as a model. Kim is typically blank, like she’s wandering aimlessly around a house party full of people she invited but doesn’t know, so she can’t figure out how to break into any conversations. Nicole Kidman moves like a drunk party guest who thinks she’s passing for sober. And then Naomi comes out and you exhale because HERE is a professional.

As far as the slideshow, it’s a sea of black until about slide 22, and then it heats up, before some big ballgowns at the end. There’s actually some wearable things in here.

[Photos: Imaxtree]