Before you ask, it does not appear that Idris Elba was at this event, which is obviously a brutal tragedy for anyone with eyes. However, Naomie Harris’s dress was pretty easy on them:

The color story here — wow, can you tell we were just at Fashion Week? I just used the phrase “color story.” Don’t worry, I’m going to watch some old One Tree Hill on Netflix and eat a metric ton of Chex Mix and I’ll be back to myself in no time at all — is reminiscent of Amy Adams’ dress from the Critic’s Choice Awards, but the simplicity of this Gucci version really suits her. That being said, and as lovely as I think this is, people are slightly phoning this thing in. Maybe if Idris wasn’t going to be there, she just couldn’t be bothered. That’s as good of an excuse as any.

[Photo: WENN]