I am mildly but not seriously confused about what’s happening on the crook of her arm here — tangentially, is that the only term for the inside of your elbow? Why doesn’t English have an interesting word for that body part, like “armpit”? (I do sometimes call the back of my knee, “the knee pit,” but it’s not the same thing; the real equivalent is where your leg meets your torso, but we don’t call that the legpit. Which is probably good, “legpit” sounds terrible). It sort of looks like something you’d do if you knew you had to give blood later, but wanted to be FANCY about it.

HAVING SAID ALL THAT — I’ve wanted to get out my legpit feelings for a while! — how charming is this? Very. It’s a potentially awkward length, but she’s selling it.

[Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images]
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