This is the cutest thing. I’ve got pics up there in the slideshow but you really need to see this video:

George’s little handshake is so intense! HE MEANS THAT HANDSHAKE THANK YOU! And Charlotte is EXTREMELY INTERESTED in her ponytail…and in the cameras. (When you’re her age, it must be interesting to find out at which events the photographers will pop up, although I’m sure Wills and Kate prep them. But I feel like you’d be curious: Will they be at every school run?) I believe she may be a bit of a ham — and I say this with the respect of a tremendous childhood ham.

In other news: Kate’s either gotten highlights or just has spent a lot of time outside this summer, and also has, I think, gotten a bit of a haircut and is trying something new with her blowout. Kate, I have a lot of questions about your hair, please call in the GFY Royals Hotline at 1-800-MEG-KATE to discuss. The dress is a re-wear, although I’d forgotten about it, probably because we never saw it in its entirety — as What Kate Wore points out, she wore it to Harry and Meghan’s wedding rehearsal and we only saw it through a car window. (It’s MICHAEL Michael Kors and I believe it is OUT Out of Stock.) I’m all about the tiny floral at the moment, so carry on, madame.

I shall leave you with this:

What a relief to have found my holiday card so early.

[Photos: Shutterstock,  Aaron Chown/PA Images/]