I will forever be perplexed by how Louis Vuitton has just decided that they’re not gonna bother with custom looks for half of their brand ambassadors at the most important fashion event of the year. It’s clearly not harming the brand — I assume they did some cost benefit analysis — but it’s sort of amazing. Just shoving Sophie Turner or Gemma Chan into something we’ve seen on the runway as if it’s a movie premiere is wild to me! Especially given that Louis Vuitton is GREAT at custom work, and isn’t hurting for money or man power. It’s…almost kind of a flex? They’re claiming they’re featuring “previously worn” items as “a commitment towards circular creativity” and noting that everyone is in something “archival or previously worn look with a twist for the occasion,” but if you’re gonna go archival, go further back than, like, spring/summer 2022!! It’s Louis Vuitton! GET IN THERE. (I suspect Ghesquiere did not want to go into archives he did not design.) I love vintage and I love a rewear but this is an interesting event at which to start doing that and LV ALWAYS puts its people in recent runway looks at the Met so this kinda feels like…a PR-massaged way to keep doing whatever they wanted to do anyway. Anyway, it’s interesting.

[Photos: Evan Agostini/AP/Shutterstock, David Fisher/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/Shutterstock,  Gregory Pace/Shutterstock]