We just fretted about Jennifer Morrison’s potential sleepwalking habits, and it turns out, that wasn’t the only nightgown she wore this weekend. She also ambled into the Art of Elysium benefit wearing this echo of old Ghost Whisperer episodes, in which Jennifer Love Hewitt would wander around her house listening for supernatural people in vintage-looking sleepwear and ten pounds of false eyelashes, before sitting down to use “Pentius” to search for information via the worst fake TV typing in history (HIT THE SPACE BAR EVEN ONCE MY GOD):

One should not generally look to a canceled J.Lo.Hew vehicle to fashion inspiration, especially one that would have her wearing sleeveless day dresses in scenes opposite Camryn Manheim, who was in wool coats. Or which killed off her dreamy husband Hot, Understanding, Patient Jim, before realizing that was RIDICULOUS and resurrecting Hot, Understanding, Patient Jim’s soul in the body of someone else, and continuing to employ HUP Jim by scripting it that he appears to her the way his ghostly soul is and not as his new physical form so JUST DON’T THINK ABOUT the fact that the ACTUAL dude she was making out with was shorter and bearded — NEVER MIND the fact that THE REST OF HER SMALL TOWN DOES NOT KNOW SHE CAN SEE GHOSTS and yet miraculously none of them side-eyed her having a new dude move in like two months after beloved HUP Jim died NOR DID THEY NOTICE SHE CALLED HIM “JIM” IN PUBLIC. AND ALSO, how come no one in this small town knows she can see ghosts, when every week she helps one of them out by having them say goodbye to their dead relative so he/she can go into the light? You guys, I watched pretty much every episode of that show, INCLUDING the Jamie Kennedy ones, and I don’t know WHY.

The good news for Jennifer Morrison is, she was not on that show. Also, maybe SHE will wake up tomorrow from her sleepwalking marathon believing both of those outfits were a dream.

[Photo: Getty]