It’s so funny to delve back in time and see the outfits that confused the heck out of us then, and see hallmarks of things we would squawk about later. For example, back in 2009, I thought Sarah Jessica Parker here was wearing a top that had giant puffy slit-sleeves, making it a hybrid cape-shirt — which eventually DID become a thing. But as it turns out, it’s just a tuxedo jacket draped over her shoulders (in the vexing manner that the Kardshians heavily popularized not long ago). I actually can’t decide which version of this outfit would have been better. Giant sleeves, though confusing, would have been an ATTEMPT, at least. The reality of the outfit is an overlong sleeveless black shiny shirt with aspirations of being a dress-over-pants scenario, but which is too tight at the boobs. Between the two, I think I would always take Eccentric With Big Shoulders over Mannequin At Shitty Express Knockoff Store Tucked Away In A Dark Corner of the Mall. You?

[Photo: Getty]