If you’re wondering why you know her, Annabelle is in Peaky Blinders, and has been dating Chris Martin (she even kind of looks GOOPy). She’s also shilling the forthcoming The Mummy for Universal, which is why she got trotted out at a panel discussion yesterday, and bless her for picking something bright. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why Charlize and Kiki went so loud, too. You want to try and make people’s eyes go to you.

Anyway: Annabelle’s Mary Katrantzou is ALSO extremely, er, vivacious. Let’s take a look at her when she’s not seated:

Pros: The colors, the skirt. Neutral points to mild cons: The chains on her arms. Definite cons: The blue lace panel, which looks like an emergency addition shoplifted from a Forever 21. But the closer I looked at the skirt, the more I realized it’s actually basically strings of scarves hanging from a belt, and you can see triangles of skin between them. It might be more visible in this shot from her Instagram:

It does look awfully good in twirly motion, though. If we could have another crack at the top, I could probably live with the skirt-of-accessories. Although we all know there is only one real seminal one, and it is Kelly Clarkson’s infamous Skirt of Ties worn in From Justin To Kelly.

Or, if you need to see it in motion, AND YOU DO:

Never forget.