Yes, you’ve read it correctly: There is a second season of And Just Like That…, and we’ll of course experience it together like we did the first one. Hopefully it’s going to get better, but given that several of the actors responded to criticism of season 1 with my absolute least favorite attitude — namely, a blame-the-customer Anyone Who Didn’t Like It Simply Wasn’t Ready For/Didn’t Understand All Our Revolutionary Boundary-Pushing — my expectations are low. (A lot of them also blamed viewers for not letting go of the old show, to which I say: then don’t reboot an old show. People can make room for it to be different and still also be frustrated at the way character continuity is handled, so if you don’t want to bother with that, start fresh.)

ANYHOO: The first shots from the NYC streets involve Charlotte looking exactly like Charlotte — pointless addition of a pink bow to an outfit that was already twee; right up our Charlotte’s alley — and Carrie looking like she wants you to THINK she might go to Home Depot at some point in her life even though she would rather die. Carrie is the person who would sledgehammer her kitchen because she wants more light, before realizing she doesn’t use her kitchen and it was fine and she actually doesn’t really have much interest in figuring out what happens after you put the hole in the wall and then make Steve patch it up again while she smokes in the window.

I hope And Just Like That… tackles the important logistics of wearing that kind of outfit and thus having to remove your entire top in order to use a bathroom, and/or includes some cringe comedy wherein a real pigeon falls in love with her purse and refuses to leave her alone. I cannot imagine anyone voluntarily carrying that thing. It may look pretty, but it’s still pretending to be a ratbird.

[Photo: Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]