This collection is delightful, first of all, and so is this sentiment from Vogue’s recent chat with Gn:

“I like the idea of doing fashion bridal, not conservative bridal,” Gn said during a recent showroom visit. He also likes the idea of fashion weddings, when a runaway bride gets married in a caftan in Bali or a bride in Iceland wears some funky embroidered marabou coat or a bride at a destination wedding in India dons lots of crystal embellishments. Stay tuned for more news in that department.

Meanwhile, Gn has been doing a brisk business in rehearsal and guest dresses, a less stressful category for all concerned. “There are enough people out there doing poufy dresses,” he quipped. “We want to keep things sophisticated and relaxed.”

I think we ARE all over the poufy — or at least we all recognize we need non-poufy options. Celebs, GET IN LINE. Wedding guests, too, I guess!

[Photos: Imaxtree]